How will my Discus be shipped

Your Discus will be shipped by Fed Ex Overnight shipping. All fish are individually bagged 4 times with oxygen and then all bags are wrapped in a catch all bag to keep them tight and secure. Heat packs are used to keep your discus warm during transit We also use fully styrofoam lined boxes wrapped in another large bag to ensure the most secure trip possible.

Are my Discus guaranteed?

At Golden StateĀ Discus, we work hard to ensure that you receive live healthy fish. We guarantee that your fish will be delivered alive and healthy. If you receive a dead on arrival fish do not worry, you will receive a full refund on the fish minus shipping charges given that the policy requirements are met. In order to receive a refund or credit, you MUST take a picture or video of the unboxing and the dead fish. Send an email containing the video/picture to us at [email protected]goldenstatediscus.com. The email must be sent within TWO HOURS of receiving your fish. You also MUST send us an email within two hours of receiving your package at [email protected] to inform us of the issue. In order to receive the live arrival guarantee, you must be home to receive your fish! Packages that miss their first delivery attempt will not be covered under the live arrival guarantee.

What type of quarantine process do you use?

Prior to the fish being shipped from Malaysia they are put through a quarantine process before being shipped to the US. Once they arrive in the USA we take the fish directly to our facility and start our own quarantine process. After the quarantine process at our facility is complete we inspect each fish individually to ensure that all fish look amazing and are 100% healthy. Our main goal here at Golden State Discus is to ensure that we are only selling the highest quality Discus in the USĀ .

What can I do to prep my tank for my order?

In order to ensure the best possible environment for your new arrivals, it is best to do a large water change (25%-50%) to remove as such organic in the tank as possible. Our Discus are kept in pristine water with 0 nitrates and it’s best to try and mimic that to the best of your ability.

Should I quarantine my fish?

It is highly recommended that you quarantine all new arrivals before placing them into your display tank. The shipping process can place stress on fish so it is best to have a period of time to observe the fish before they are moved into your main display. A typical quarantine system consists of a 20 to 30 gallon aquarium, cycled bio-active sponge filter, air stone, air pump, heater, and some type of screen or top for the tank. Quarantine tanks require daily 90%-100% water changes in order to keep a proper level of cleanliness. The quarantine tank does best in a quiet room with ambient lighting preferably insulated and free of drafts.